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Kundaliniyoga with Emma (Navjeet) and Satmander

When we understand that we are full and complete, that we are the love that we seek, how do we live then? How does our actions look when we embrace the love that we are? When our actions is love driven not fear driven? What do we do?

Come and explore your greatness! Raise your vibration, resolve inner emotional hurts and learn techniques that can allow you to develop your capacity to be more you. Able to clear your mind, hold your emotions and live consciously. 

We work with live music and strong kundaliniyoga kriyas. Let’s do it to together! Spiritual revolution. We are looking forward to meet you

Emma, Anna and Joakim

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Emma and Satmander teach together regularly at Mangalam on Teachers Training, by visiting festivals and other yogastudios in Europe aswell as giving "Living from love" retreats. For booking: info@satmanderyoga.se

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